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The Hay Day farm like you've never seen it before


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All ages

Hay Day Pop is a puzzle game based on Supercell's legendary strategy game, Hay Day. This time, you get to create the farm of your dreams by solving a bunch of incredibly fun puzzles.

Learning how to solve the Hay Day Pop puzzles is easy because their gameplay is suitable for all ages. Basically, you have to get rid of the colored pieces by matching two or more of the same kind. Keep in mind that you have to complete a couple of objectives in order to pass to the next level. Don't worry though, in most cases you simply have to get rid of a certain number of pieces.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter new obstacles such as wooden boxes, hay, carrots, and watermelons. Each new object requires a different method to make it disappear completely. Luckily, there are power-ups to help on your quest. These useful items appear when you make a minimum number of pieces disappear with one swift move (the game itself gives you a visual warning at all times). You can also use them before starting the level, either as a reward for successfully completing a number of levels or because you've previously acquired them.

But Hay Day Pop is much more than just solving colorful puzzles. You also have to manage and decorate your farm. Use the gold you earn to buy new items to truly turn it into the farm of your dreams. Besides items to decorate your farm, there are also vegetable gardens and animals that can help you earn rewards over time.

Hay Day Pop is an awesome puzzle game with colorful visuals and thousands of levels waiting for you. We're talking about a great game from the creators of Clash of Clans or Clash Royale that's perfect for short rounds. As an added bonus, you can play it online or without an Internet connection.
By Beatriz Escalante

Android 4.3 or greater is required.